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I can make full-stack websites and web apps. Starting with some UX brainstorming techniques, I make basic designs using Photoshop and Figma. I create Javascript(usually Typescript) front-ends mostly with React and Vue. I build backends mostly with Node.js Koa/Express, and also Python Flask. I connect them to PostgreSQL, MondoDB, and Textile ThreadsDB databases.

I’ve used a wide variety of frameworks and libraries like Redux, Bootstrap, JQuery, Nuxt and Gridsome. I’ve solved tricky logical problems like handwritten cloud sync merges with custom conflict resolution. I’ve explored cutting edge technologies like distributed and decentralized architecture and integrated them in my projects in a meaningful way.



Over 10 years, I’ve taught students from ages 4 to 74 English, Art, Social Studies and Psychology, in public and private schools, 1 on 1 and in groups of 60. I challenge students to think critically and creatively, and to be practical and ethical.

Based on my teaching research and my own experience learning Chinese and programming, I’m a strong proponent of project-based-learning accompanied by computer assisted review and memorization. Technology will play an ever greater role in education and I’m excited to be on the forefront of this change.

I'm currently a senior fullstack software engineer at BoostBot using AI to improve influencer marketing and email outreach.

I’m from Ithaca, NY. I’m fluent in Chinese. I started a Mexican restaurant by selling burritos on the street in Fuzhou. At 5 years, 3 locations and 50 employees, we were the largest and longest running foreign run establishment in our city of 8 million.

I studied Psychology and Ceramic Art in college. I love playing guitar and piano. I used to love cooking.

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